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1. Newsletter  
METAGRO Edelstahltechnik AG Ramsauer Straße 35 A-3170 Hainfeld Tel:  +43 2764 2671-0 Fax: +43 2764 2671-83 We will gladly answer all your questions. Newsletter  
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[Translate to English:] METAGRO Edelstahltechnik AG  
3. Rech Mechatronik  
Rech Mechatronik GmbH Our subsidiary Rech Mechatronik GmbH is a specialist for refrigeration technology and service.  Two very experienced refrigeration engineers, one clerk, seven fitters…  
4. Competencies  
Individual production Quality and consistency Experience and competence When it comes to METAGRO's customers, one cog in the wheel turns into another - and smoothly. From the initial…  
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METAGRO Image brochure METAGRO Reference list METAGRO Swingline METAGRO GastroNorm refrigeration furniture METAGRO Refrigerated beverage cabinets METAGRO Hygienic furniture METAGRO…  
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METAGRO Change seals METAGRO Seals Sizes Seals inquiry online Seals  
7. Price list  
Mrs. Eva Zechner or one of our customer advisors. We would be happy to send you our current price list by e-mail. . Price list  
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Sales list furniture Sales list devices Sales list  
9. Operation  
Sicherheitshinweise Dichtungswechsel Dichtungen - Größen Bedienungsanleitung Kühlmöbel Bain-Marie Halogen-Beleuchtung und Wippschalter Halogen-Beleuchtung mit Dimmer LED Beleuchtung…  
10. Construction  
Design features Design features/technical notes  
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