Miss Maki Take-Away

The white and gold coated stainless steel fronts, which were decorated with a pattern that is an important part of the restaurant’s corporate identity afterwards, are particularly eye-catching. Owner Anna Kleindienst is satisfied: "The cooperation with Metagro ran smoothly from the beginning. True to the motto "Nothing is impossible" they tried to implement all my ideas, as crazy as they might have been, down to the smallest detail. What I appreciated most was that Metagro adapted their work and products to the Miss Maki brand and not the other way round."

Anna Kleindienst is not only the owner of the Liliputbahn at the Prater amusement park and the co-manager of the "Equestrian Centre Austria", but in 2017 she also fulfilled her dream of opening the unique take-away restaurant "Miss Maki" at the Hohe Markt in Vienna. “Miss Maki" serves high-quality fast food with healthy ingredients and Austrian fish. For the culinary design she got well-travelled chef Stefan Trautsch and METAGRO Edelstahltechnik was commissioned with the production of the kitchen furniture.

During the project development, former mayor Bosch also visited the METAGRO plant in Hainfeld. He was impressed by the modern manufacturing the excellent products and the competent support offered by the employees. METAGRO's subsidiary, RECH, was also involved in the project as a partner for the central cooling supply and the necessary cold storage. This is how METAGRO ended up supplying the brewing plant, the refrigeration technology and also the bar furniture including beverage refrigeration and kitchen furniture.

In addition to improved safety standards, football fans can look forward to modern stadium comfort. In the northern, southern and eastern parts of the stadium, 24 so-called "kiosks" were installed, equipped with METAGRO refrigeration and dispensing units as well as special refrigeration furniture. The serving furniture and sink units were also produced by the company from Hainfeld. The boards for the fans were made of extra thick 3mm stainless steel sheet metal. The usual chipboard lining was completely replaced by stainless steel.

Antonius Bräu, Leobersdorf

By opening the "Antonius Bräu” the former mayor of Leobersdorf, Anton Bosch, made a long-cherished dream come true. In the future, the town of Leobersdorfer will have its own home-brewed beer. It is brewed in the basement area with a secret recipe by master brewer Paul Beke. About 500 litres are expected to be produced daily. The beer can either be enjoyed at the restaurant or at home. The "Antonius Bräu" will also be available in party barrels and bottles.

During the project development, former mayor Bosch also visited the METAGRO plant in Hainfeld. He was impressed by the modern manufacturing the excellent products and the competent support offered by the employees. METAGRO's subsidiary, RECH, was also involved in the project as a partner for the central cooling supply and the necessary cold storage. This is how METAGRO ended up supplying the brewing plant, the refrigeration technology and also the bar furniture including beverage refrigeration and kitchen furniture.

Schweizerhaus, Vienna

The Schweizerhaus at the Vienna Prater is probably one of the most famous restaurants in Austria. The open-air restaurant of the Viennese, as the Schweizerhaus is often called, is a traditional company that places great value on the highest quality in all regards. Cultivated hospitality, attentive service and an extraordinary atmosphere are very important to the Kolarik family and its team. The special tap system of the Schweizerhaus makes the Original Budweiser Budvar a real treat for beer drinkers. Since March 2011, the beer comes from a new, 12-metre-long dispensing system made by METAGRO.

Same as in the company itself, the Kolarik family attached great importance to the highest quality regarding the dispensing system design. It had to be massive in order to withstand the stressful daily business. In addition, a special emphasis was put on easy cleaning. The entire body of the unit is tightly welded so it can be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner. Mr. Anton, head of maintenance at the Schweizerhaus, on the cooperation with METAGRO: "With Metagro, the whole reconstruction process worked out great - despite last-minute changes. You rarely find such a great team today."

Restaurant Procacci, Vienna

The Procacci Vienna was opened in 2006 to bring the pleasures of Tuscan cuisine to the Austrian capital. By now, the Italian delicacies restaurant not only exists in Florence and Vienna but also in Singapore and it is owned by the aristocratic wine dynasty Antinori. The Antinori family produces over 400 top wines at their vineyards in Italy and all over the world - for 26 generations!

Considering their love of wine, it is only understandable that great value was attached to a high-quality and exceptional presentation of the fine wines. In cooperation with METAGRO, a suspended wine cabinet made of stainless steel and glass was developed, a visual highlight in the room. The METAGRO subsidiary Rech Mechatronik Vienna provided the refrigeration technology.

Kolarik´s Luftburg, Vienna

In 1992 the Kolarik family opened another restaurant sensation at the Prater, the "Luftburg". The location of the new "Luftburg" had long been known among the Viennese. As early as 1895, the brothers Ferdinand and Wilhelm Leicht had acquired the established restaurant "Zum schwarzen Tor" at this location and transformed it into a famous summer cabaret. Big names such as Raoul Aslan, Hans Moser, Girardi and Paula Wessely gave their best in front of an enthusiastic Viennese audience. Completely destroyed in World War II, the Kolarik family took possession of the property and built a petting zoo. Until 1992, when the "Luftburg" was opened.

Spareribs from the lava stone grill, crispy grilled pork legs, pizza, pasta and, of course, Viennese cuisine are served. But above all, the visitors come to the "Luftburg" because of the freshly tapped beer. There are six beer tap tables in the open-air garden where the guest himself can pump his own beer. With all this beer action, you need a reliable, professional partner. METAGRO supplied refrigerated cabinets, bar fittings and canteen kitchen cabinets for the “Luftburg”.

Neni at the Naschmarkt, Vienna

The restaurant Neni contributes to the culinary diversity of Vienna's most famous market, the Naschmarkt, and, since its opening in 2009, has achieved cult status. Haya Molcho's Israeli-oriental roots are not only reflected in the menu but have also created a brand of their own. By now, there are the restaurants Neni-Berlin and Neni-Zurich and Neni-Catering, Neni-products and Neni cookbooks are available.

The two-storey restaurant itself captivates with cosy furnishings in a relaxed, chic atmosphere. The kitchen was designed in cooperation with METAGRO. The bar and kitchen equipment as well as a special design for a wine display to be installed below the staircase were fabricated. The display’s glass wall also serves as facade glazing.

To Martin Sepp, Heuriger in Vienna-Grinzing

In the heart of Grinzing, the traditional Austrian restaurant Zum Martin Sepp offers a large selection of exquisite wines and tasty dishes. Whether in the secluded garden with terrace during the summer or in one of the cosy “Stüberln” during the winter - there is always a good reason to come to Zum Martin Sepp and stay for one or two glasses of wine. Already in the sixth generation, the Martin family in Neusiedl an der Zaya cultivates traditional grape varieties on approx. 13 ha and makes them into excellent high-quality wines.

Sepp Martin has been working with METAGRO since 1988. Kitchen and bar furniture in the Heurigen restaurant and the bar furniture in the Trummelhofbar, which is located two houses away, have been used permanently for more than 20 years. According to Sepp and Romana Martin: "The Metagro furniture are quite robust. We have rebuilt our businesses and moved the furniture so many times, but the Metagro fabrications can take it, they are very resilient. The cooling drawers are also constantly exposed to heavy loads and we have never had any problems. Metagro has the best products.”

Trzesniewski, Vienna Airport

111 years ago, the legendary Trzesniewski was founded as a snack bar by Franciszek Trzesniewski in Vienna. From the very beginning, the Krakow-born man implemented his idea of crushed turning bread toppings into spreads, making them easy to eat. 18 of the 22 varieties have remained unchanged since the beginning. The recipes for the spreads have been strictly guarded since their invention. It is rumoured that their success may lie in the way the eggs are cooked.

However, Trzesniewski not only stands for extraordinary canapé culture, but also for a cultivated, bourgeois-modern interior. The design for the restaurant at the Vienna Airport was created by Mag. Arch. B. Hauer, combining cosy dark wood with fresh orange and green tones. METAGRO completed it with a professional stainless steel decor in the form of various refrigeration and bar elements, work cabinets and worktops.

Aida cruise liner

The AIDA travel company revolutionised the cruise market in 1996 with a new travel concept. The success is based on a mix of comprehensive quality and a visible commitment to the environment and society. The fleet is constantly being expanded and new employees are hired. Cruises are offered to North America, Northern Europe, Western Europe, Southeast Asia, the Canary Islands, the Mediterranean Sea, the Adriatic Sea, the Caribbean, the Baltic Sea, the Orient, India and Dubai.

METAGRO supplied special display cases for six cruise ships, which were designed according to American standards. The showcases were equipped with a brine evaporation system and due to the integrated night blinds fruit can be stored day and night. For METAGRO, the most interesting challenges of this project proved to be the production of ship-compatible elements and the combination with other materials,

Interspar Supermarkets

Since its foundation in 1970, Interspar, the largest subsidiary of Spar Austria, has become the market leader of the hypermarkets’ sector. Austria's largest full-range supplier has stores in all regional capitals and many Austrian districts. Interspar operates around 70 locations throughout Austria, seven of which are maxi-stores. METAGRO supplied numerous furniture and claddings for various Interspar stores throughout Austria. The very large bulky parts were assembled seamlessly at the construction sites.

The interior designer's wish for a rounded front edge for the display cases was a particularly big challenge. For visual and cleaning reasons, the installations were supplied in high-gloss polished stainless steel. Therefore, it was imperative to integrate a sturdy impact protection in order to prevent possible collisions of the shopping trolleys with the high-quality stainless steel cladding. Also worth seeing is the stainless steel fish display case designed with rounded glass and coloured acrylic glass.