Biotrans, Rickenbach

Since its foundation in 2006, BioTrans® AG has been developing and offering a system for an economic and ecological disposal of food and waste products. The BioMaster® input station converts the¬ residues (including frying oil, coffee grounds¬, fats, etc.) into a homogeneous biomass. This biomass is transported within a closed system through a conveyer pump to the bio tank, from where it is regularly transported to a biogas plant and utilised. This innovative method makes it possible to generate energy from gastro waste in an environmentally friendly way!

The BioTrans® plant essentially consists of one or more filling stations, the BioMaster®, and one or more permanently installed bio tank(s). METAGRO's technicians played a major role in the hygienic design of the housing. The detailed design was created in 3D in order to optimally display the customer’s solution during the development phase. The perfect manufacturing of the stainless steel housing surely contributes to the success of the BioTrans® system as well.

Antonius Bräu, Leobersdorf

By opening the "Antonius Bräu” the former mayor of Leobersdorf, Anton Bosch, made a long-cherished dream come true. In the future, the town of Leobersdorf will have its own home-brewed beer. It is brewed in the basement area with a secret recipe by master brewer Paul Beke. About 500 litres are expected to be produced daily. The beer can either be enjoyed at the restaurant or at home. The "Antonius Bräu" will also be available in party barrels and bottles.

[Translate to Englisch:] Die Brauanlage wurde gemeinsam mit der Firma Schlögl in Kooperation mit METAGRO entwickelt. Dafür war Altbürgermeister Bosch auch zu einer Werksbesichtigung vor Ort in Hainfeld. Er zeigte sich dabei beeindruckt von der modernen Fertigung, den hervorragenden Produkten und der kompetenten Betreuung durch die MitarbeiterInnen. Auch das Tochterunternehmen von METAGRO, die Firma RECH, war als Partner für die zentrale Kälteversorgung und die erforderlichen Kühlhäuser in das Projekt involviert. So kam es, dass die Brauanlage, die Kältetechnik und auch die Schankmöbel inkl. Getränkekühlung und Küchenmöbel von METAGRO stammen.