State Hospital Voralpen, Lilienfeld

During the reconstruction of the sterile department, the planning of the laboratory and storage furniture was carried out in close cooperation with METAGRO. The biggest challenge of this project was to perfectly adapt the new elements to the existing space and the already in use storage containers. METAGRO's technicians were able to find a flexible and durable solution. The furniture is fully sealed, therefore preventing unsanitary dirt particles from entering and thus guaranteeing the hospital to run smoothly.

The regional hospital in Lilienfeld has around 366 employees who treat approximately 7,100 patients annually. In four departments with a total of over 159 beds, patients receive medical treatment and care. Additionally, the regional hospital Lilienfeld is a teaching hospital, part of the Medical University of Vienna.

Baxter, Vienna

Baxter Austria is the Austrian arm of Baxter International, a global US pharmaceutical and medical technology company. Austria is the largest Baxter site and the largest Baxter BioScience research site in the world. Vaccines against TBE, various forms of influenza and meningococcus are produced.

Baxter Austria is the Austrian branch of Baxter International, a global US pharmaceutical and biotech company. Austria is the largest Baxter location and home to the biggest Baxter BioScience research site in the world. The production includes vaccines against TBE, various types of influenza and meningococcus. METAGRO's specialists have been planning, manufacturing and supplying professional solutions for Baxter for many years. Because hygiene is the top priority when working in a laboratory. Which was also required of the furniture for the laboratory and medicine production areas. Drawer sizes were adapted to the machine parts. Depending on the department, either pull handles or integrated handle strips were installed. For the laboratory, a worktop made of Corian was selected. All furniture was adjusted with millimetre precision.

Dr. Wollein, Vienna

Senior physician Dr. Karl-Franz Wollein’s practice in the 21st district of Vienna specializes in diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy. Gastroscopies as well as small outpatient surgeries are performed on site. In 2011, the endoscopy area was rebuilt together with METAGRO. At the time, the challenge was to find an innovative solution for the integration of the endoscope washer-disinfectors in such way that it would be possible to pull them out for maintenance work.   

In 2015, the examination and intervention room was rebuilt. As the endoscopy area was kept in green, this area intended for patients was designed in a friendly and rich shade of yellow. A yellow Corian worktop seamlessly connected to the wall covering, more than three metres long and one metre high serves as a friendly eye-catcher and calming design element. What makes this project special is the individual, custom-made furniture with non-standard drawer widths and heights and a particular safe mounting option.