Design kitchen made of stainless steel

900kg cooking block in private apartment


The design kitchen, designed by the very art- and architecture-savvy customer himself, essentially consists of two elements: On one side, the over five-metre-long stainless steel cooking block with a total weight of around 900 kg. And right next to it, as an architectural contrast, a stainless steel monolith with an integrated refrigerator. The special challenge in the production was the welding of the individual 5mm sheets. Seemingly from a single mould and, of course, on time - the customer's expectations were quite high.

Thanks to our employees’ craft skills and many years of experience in stainless steel processing, they were able to manufacture the cooking block to the customer’s satisfaction. After the production, transporting the elements to Vienna and installing them in the apartment required a huge amount of effort as well. Because even the empty cooking block, without its 22 drawers, without the two ovens and without the dishwasher, still weighs incredible 550kg. The best reward after completing such a project is to see the customer’s joy and pride.

Champagne fridge VERTICAL LIMIT

A special design for Veuve Clicquot


The Vertical Limit stainless steel refrigerator fits 12 magnum bottles from the French luxury brand Veuve Clicquot. Each of the selected vintage champagnes from 1955 to 1990 has its own door with lettering stating its vintage. All bottles are kept at a temperature of exactly 12°C, same as in the cellars of the traditional producer in Reims. METAGRO’s biggest challenge was to install a ventilation system not visible to the observer. The colour of the light corresponds to the yellow tone of Veuve Clicquot’s corporate identity.

The refrigerator was manufactured according to the design of an international top design company from Zell am See. Next to the development of the cooling system, the implementation of the ambitious ideas represented a major challenge for METAGRO, as it required a true master in welding and surface processing. The sound and vibration-proof stainless steel monolith was produced as a limited edition of 15 pieces and distributed to top international Veuve Clicquot clients. In 2008, METAGRO was awarded the 2008 Stainless Steel Design Prize at the Vienna Tec trade fair.

Public space furniture

Benches, bicycle stands or flower pots made of stainless steel


Based on knowledge available today, stainless steel is the most sensible material to be used in public spaces. No matter if they are park benches, bicycle stands, flower troughs or bridge railings. After all, the material is robust and weatherproof and, when the right material thickness is chosen, also vandalism proof.

Stainless steel also looks very elegant in combination with wood. And coloured powder coatings can achieve interesting effects or desired adaptations to corporate designs. The METAGRO employees are also happy to produce laser cuts. Talk to us, we will definitely find a solution!

Drinking fountain

An award-winning thesis of the HTL St. Pölten


Anna Kaiser and Paul Rusch are graduates of HTBLuVA St. Pölten. For their thesis for the schoolyear 2013/14 in the Department Mechanical Engineering with focus on industrial design, they designed a drinking fountain for their school. With the support of the parents' association and numerous companies, the students were able to execute their idea. METAGRO supported the ambitious project by manufacturing the sheet metal parts and, together with the parents' association, assumed half of the costs.

The sheet metal parts were cut with a CO2 laser and welded. For the young designers, it was important to produce sheet metal parts without bent edges – something that requires a great deal of experience and skill on the welding technicians’ part. The drinking fountain is well thought out, also in terms of its functions: there are two drinking areas - a taller one for standing up and a lower one for wheelchair users. In the middle section, a bottle-filling system was integrated. For sustainability reasons, the young designers decided not to include plastic cups.

Chess table

Limited edition found object art, design by Harry Brunner

The trained goldsmith Harry Brunner lived abroad for a few years, in the US, Canada and Switzerland. Since his return in the year 1997, he has been working as an independent goldsmith and found object artist. In his work, he likes to combine precious metals and gemstones. His piece “Chess” is available in a limited series in three materials (silver, gold and diamond edition).

The chess board consists of 10 x 10 cm squares made of rock crystal and polished granite. METAGRO proved to be the perfect partner for Harry Brunner to professionally integrate his high-quality inlay work into a stainless steel table. The table also has pull-out drawers with leather coating on the inside.

Cemetery cross, Rohrbach an der Gölsen

Individual production, design byClaudia Marton


Claudia Marton has been running the family owned glassworks business in Hainfeld since 2000. Due to her personal interest in researching and experimenting with glass processing, she came to know glass melting and bending techniques, which led her to expand her business into the glass fusing field. The cemetery cross located in the extended part of the Rohrbach cemetery is a perfect example of the manual and artistic skills of the business from Hainfeld.

In METAGRO, the perfectionist and successful entrepreneur found a congenial partner for the project. In 2006 Claudia Marton received the Lower Austrian Prize for Craftsmanship in the Arts and Crafts category for "The Magic Cross".

Metal sculpture, Hauptplatz Hainfeld

Sculpture by Prof. Gottfried Höllwarth

For the redesign of Hainfeld’s main square, the sculptor Gottfried Höllwarth, who lives in Hainfeld, designed a stainless steel fountain. For Höllwarth, who held a teaching position for project realization in urban space at the University of Art and Industrial Design in Linz from 1978 to 1990, the sculpture represents a St. Andrew's cross within a cube.

Symbolically, the cross is meant to describe the connection between heaven and earth. Piercing it from the bottom to the top, the cross supports and lifts the cube. For METAGRO, the construction of the metal fountain was a big technical challenge, as the water supply should not be visible.

HENRI. The trophy

On October 11th of 2016, HENRI. The volunteer prize for special commitment in the volunteer sector was given out for the first time by the Red Cross Lower Austria. Among the 10 prize winners was 17-year-old Abdul Fakhouri, a Syrian lifeguard, who saved two lives on Lake Ratzersdorf near St. Pölten during the summer of 2016. Heinrich Wahl from Vöslau was honoured as well, for his many years of commitment to blood donation campaigns.

METAGRO Edelstahltechnik AG fabricated the trophy according to a design from Mohammed Ali Ziaei from the design collective BOUW! The designer about his idea: "The three crosses represent the team spirit among volunteers but also among volunteer organisations. The mirrored inner side has not only aesthetic reasons, but everyone who looks at the price will see his reflection – meaning everyone sees the trophy differently". When you lift the trophy, you immediately feel its value. This brilliant piece weighs almost 1.5 kilos!