Whether for household or gastronomy: Our worktops and covers combine maximum functionality and hygiene with the proven METAGRO design. The worktops are manufactured in all possible designs, shapes and lengths according to customer needs. Seamless and with flawlessly smooth transitions. Because our welders are true world champions in their field. Depending on our customers’ needs, we line our worktops with a splash-proof Novopan panel (melamine coated). As an Optional, heat-resistant stainless steel rails can be added for maximum stability. Additionally, we can measure almost any wall contour with our mobile 3D measurement system FlexiJet3D and template scanner and implement it accurately and precisely. The quick and precise production of accurately measured panels reduces your installation time and eliminates the chance of unpleasant surprises due to inaccurate measurements. Highly qualified employees, state-of-the-art machinery and state-of-the-art CAD technology ensure that our stainless steel worktops meet your requirements in terms of functionality, design and high standards of hygiene. This way, you can plan freely, according to your needs.

Material:chrome-nickel steel AISI 304 (stainless steel)  
Thickness:1,25 mm (Standard) to 4,00 mm (on request)  
Surface/Finish:polished with grain 320  
Construction:full surface glued onto waterproof Novopan board (E1 P5 CE V100); bottom side melamine coated (grey); front side drip nose possible  
Bend down:freestanding sides A40/20, if desired, also available with hygiene radius and ball corners  
Bend up:Standardised C50, other types of edges possible; if desired, also available with hygiene radius and ball corners  
Pin seam:if necessary, execution in accordance with ÖNORM S 3002 (very sturdy with tongue and groove system)  
Marine edge:bent – approx. 10 mm deep (slope possible); minted – approx. 3 mm deep (no slope; possible up to 1.5 mm thickness)  
Support rail:If desired (optional), heat-resistant stainless steel reinforcing profiles can be installed. Sheets are at least 1.50 mm thick (thickness of bars: 1.5 – 2 mm)  
Alternative materials:available on request (e.g., Corian, stone, granite, copper, brass)