Wall-mounted cabinets

The quality of our stainless steel sheet processing is one of METAGRO's great strengths – also in connection with the manufacturing of our wall-mounted cabinets. Due to our modern machinery and our employees’ know-how, we fabricate hanging cabinets perfectly, down to the smallest detail. In addition to a high standard of hygiene, all METAGRO hanging cabinets also give priority to robust designs. The height-adjustable intermediate shelf is additionally reinforced with stainless steel stiffening bars. The ball-bearing sliding doors and the high-quality plastic rollers ensure best running smoothness and maximum durability. Additionally, the insulation material filling in the sliding doors ensures perfect comfort. The hanging cabinets, which are available in both standard lengths and individual sizes, include a wall suspension strip for a safe and stable wall installation.
METAGRO wall-mounted cabinets are the best choice for your highly functioning and durable commercial kitchen.

Material:chrome-nickel steel 1.4301 (stainless steel)  
Thickness:1,0 mm  
Construction:self-supporting modular system with double side panels; lined with honeycomb cardboard to reduce noise; visible panels polished with grain 320; bottom panel closed for additional stability (double-panelled)  
Hygiene standard:METAGRO wall-mounted cabinets are optionally available with hygiene standards according to DIN.


METAGRO - quality features

  • Sliding doors are double panelled and soundproof
  • Vertical and integrated handle strips
  • Corners hygienically tightly welded and beautifully sanded
  • The roller ball bearings of the sliding door and the soft-closing mechanism ensure a high level of comfort
  • Plastic floor runner allowing for easy cleaning and offering high comfort (in accordance with ÖNORM S 3002)
  • Easy removal of the sliding door after removing the cover panel
  • Intermediate shelf standardly height adjustable and lined with a stainless steel stiffening bar for even higher weight capacity

The intermediate shelf is height adjustable as standard and is lined with a stiffening bar made of stainless steel for an even higher load capacity