Our values.

Values are to be considered as points of reference and decision guidance, both for us and for you as our customer. What you can rely on, what can you expect. We believe that only a fair and honest cooperation will last in the long run, a mindset we try to put into practice every single day.


This starts with a supportive, team-oriented interaction with our employees, applies to the manufacturing of our products and ends with waste disposal and tax payment. We are all economically, ecologically and socially connected and that is why, in this cycle, everybody should be considered equally.

METAGRO Edelstahltechnik AG is an independent company, which feels committed to its customers, employees and society.

What we at METAGRO mean by

We produce valuable products. They are not subject to short-term depreciation periods but can be reliably used by an entire generation.

We exclusively process and use stainless steel and aluminium. Both materials are of high quality and can be returned to a recycling process.

We produce our products with a "master’s touch and laser power" by combing craftsmanship skills and state-of-the-art technology: fast, accurate and error-free. Timeless and durable quality is expressed in every construction and processing detail. Our welding seams, surfaces and hygiene standards are particularly well executed.

We quickly turn our customers' and our own ideas into new and innovative products. We fulfil our customers’ wishes and expectations flexibly, reliably and on schedule.