Individual production

Custom-made products are always a welcome change for METAGRO employees. Usually unusual dimensions are requested for stainless steel and refrigerated furniture as well as worktops. The surface structure and colour also offer the opportunity for individual design. In the outdoor sector, flexibility is particularly in demand when it comes to railings. But we can do even more - from supplying stainless steel sheeting for your own product to processing design and sculpture - we love a challenge!

Quality and consistency

Whoever buys METAGRO chooses quality from Austria. All products are characterised by solid, professionally welded and joint-free processing. Moreover, the decision for stainless steel is a sustainably good one - because it can be recycled indefinitely. But why even think about throwing it away? Stainless steel is indestructible and timeless. Just like the Chrysler high-rise in New York. It was inaugurated in 1930, the roof is made of stainless steel and still shines today as it did on the first day!

Experience and competence

When it comes to METAGRO's customers, one cog in the wheel turns into another - and smoothly. From the initial discussion, free calculation and acceptance of natural dimensions to on-time delivery and after-sales service. At the heart of this wheelwork are our excellently trained and longstanding employees. They are supported by a park of state-of-the-art sheet metal working and special welding machines.